Lyrical and Contemporary Dance

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Learn Lyrical and Contemporary Dance in Longridge

We are often asked “so, what is Contemporary Dance, exactly?” Well, it’s a form of dance that sits in the middle ground between Ballet and Modern Theatre Dance, but it’s much more than that. Contemporary is “a dance form that explores the movement potential of the human body”.

Drawing on many different forms of dance, like ballet, modern dance, and jazz, Contemporary Dance it is a very free-flowing and eclectic dance form that allows a lot of freedom for creative impression and improvisation.

We love Contemporary!

Why Learn Contemporary Dance?

Learning Contemporary will make you a better Ballet Dancer, it will make you a better Tap Dancer, it will enhance all your other dance genres. And Contemporary occupies a very special place in dance because it is all about expression, it’s all about interpretation, it’s all about creativity.

It stands on its own as a very special form of dance.

So for example a Contemporary dancer might be asked to perform in a way that represents what they take from a painting, or a drawing; the dancer is less concerned about making each movement look ‘pretty’, and there is an emphasis on making different shapes or angles with the body. Every movement has an intention and an emotion.

Contemporary is a supremely expressive form.


Our contemporary dance classes in Longridge follow the syllabus of the ABD (Associated Board of Dance). ABD is a dance examination board that offers regulated examinations in dance core subjects which are accredited by GQAL & OFQUAL and offers accredited technical examinations and medal tests in all forms of dance.

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