Your Teacher of Breakdance, Hip Hop and Street for Boys

Theo Farmsin
Boys’ Street Dance

Witnessing students rhythm, confidence and skill set grow, has truly been an exciting journey to be a part of at Kings.

In a friendly environment; fitness, coordination and strength are key aspects that we build on in every session. I specialise in bboying (breakdance), hip hop and street dance.

Breakdance is an energetic form of dance, fashion and culture originating from the USA. I am a level 2 free running coach, accredited from Airborn academy Liverpool. I started learning to dance from an early age, joining and competing with a crew (GCC) from age 15 and have over 10 years teaching and performance experience across the the north west.

Classes aim to improve co-ordination, strength and rhythm.

A key focus is always to learn/improve athletic moves but be able to use them with music as a dance. Diversity and ‘making the moves your own’ are praised with this style, because the amount of variation available in the dance.

However, breakdancing foundation mainly consists of four kinds of movement: toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes. These aspects are worked on in classes to ensure a well rounded foundation.

Breakdancing combines the core body strength and flexibility of a gymnast, with the explosive power of a sprinter which is great for children’s fitness. The classes give children plenty of opportunity to unleash their creative side! Every lesson encourages students to express themselves through dance and gives them the chance to improvise new steps and combinations.

Creating new steps and applying their own flair to each move helps towards developing and improving their self-expression and confidence. The door is open for anyone, regardless of skill level or ability.

Each lesson scaffolds the learning by assuming no previous experience to help ensure progress is made by everyone.

I look forward to meeting you!

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