About The School

Welcome to King’s Dance Academy

Although King’s started its life as a specialist Dance Academy, teaching everything from Breakdance and Street Dance to Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz and Contemporary Dance, we now also offer special classes in Acrobatic Arts (“Acro”), Drama, Musical Theatre and Singing

Longridge’s Performing Arts Centre

Here is our goal: at King’s we strive to ensure that each child receives individual attention, leaves every class feeling confident and, most importantly, with a love of dance, or Acro, or Drama and Musical Theatre.

We welcome children with no experience or years of it.

Our classes build friendship, technique and performance skills.

All of our teachers take pride in their teaching and love guiding their students into a world of theatre.

If you’d like your child to join a growing, successful Performing Arts Centre and Dance Academy – you’ve come to the right place!

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