Ballet Classes

pic of ballet dancer: classes in longridge

Ballet classes in Longridge

Ballet is one of the most beautiful forms of dance, isn’t it? Ballet dancers seem to exude such poise, grace and delicacy, combined with great power and control.

And while ballet dancers at four or five years old seem just so cute, it is difficult to imagine sometimes where learning ballet will take them, and what lessons they are learning in the background.

What Ballet Teaches Students

Week after week, little by little, learning Ballet starts to develop a child’s strength, posture, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and poise. You can always tell someone who does ballet because they don’t stand and slump: they stand tall and alert.

For those who wish to pursue a career in dance, learning Ballet really is an essential foundation, while for those who dance for fun, Ballet complements and enhances all the other dance styles.

But Ballet classes teach more than just the physical movements: ballet dancers learn self-discipline, self-control, grit and determination. They learn to work hard, over time, to achieve a long-term goal, and that’s a great way of thinking for anyone!

That all sounds very serious, doesn’t it? Yet ballet classes are fun! That’s why little ones come back again and again, and it just becomes part of their lives, learning through games and specially graded exercises, to build their confidence and abilities while enjoying themselves.

So when you see all those cute little ones in their ballet costumes, remember that they are starting on a journey that will teach them many things, not just the great posture!

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