Longridge’s Performing Arts Centre!

I wish you a very warm welcome to King’s Dance Academy, a Performing Arts Centre right in the heart of Longridge

Although King’s started its life as a specialist Dance Academy, teaching everything from Breakdance and Street Dance to Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Irish, Lyrical and Contemporary Dance, we now also offer special classes in Acrobatic Arts (“Acro”), Drama, Musical Theatre and Singing.

Our specially-designed 2,500 square feet Performing Arts Centre has three spacious studios, a welcoming reception and a huge family waiting area with comfortable couches, a tuck shop and a children’s play area.

This is a real community resource for the children and adults of Longridge: Longridge’s Performing Arts Centre.

Learn Drama, Dance, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre and Singing

Here is a list of all the dance styles and other disciplines that you can learn at King’s:

Creating a Safe, Nurturing & Fun Environment

longridge preston dance classes at kings dance academy

Children & Adult Dance Classes

When choosing a dance school it’s important to us that you feel reassured you are going to get the best experience in dance tuition, safety and loads of fun!

Our aim at King’s Dance Academy is to be a well respected, family orientated dance school.

Our values are to:

  • Create a safe and nurturing environment
  • Instil a great love of dance whilst building self confidence and self discipline
  • Provide a solid, technical foundation for the developing dancer
  • Ensure students are given the opportunities to grow and excel in their dance education
  • Encourage creativity and expression through dance
  • Offer classes that are suitable both for those who wish to dance for fun and exercise, and those who want to pursue dance as a career


Teaching Dance Through Games & Play

Dance Classes for Little Ones

dance classes in longridge preston with kings dance academy

Dance classes for age Two Years and Up

We have the best introduction to the main dance styles by using creative, imaginative role-playing and fun props with our little ones.

Classes may involve pretending to be animals or playing instruments to learn rhythm. Children will learn balancing, skipping and running. And we teach techniques using various  props, for example picking up “diamonds” from the floor to develop hand-eye coordination.

These classes are suitable for both boys and girls, and they have so much fun they don’t even realise that they are learning the fundamentals of dance technique along the way.

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