Drama, Musical Theatre & Singing Classes in Longridge

Drama, Musical Theatre & Singing Classes in Longridge with Emma Keightley

Is your child shy?

Have they lost their confidence?

Perhaps they just need a little motivational boost.

Or do they dream of being a star one day?

Whether they love taking centre stage, or need a bit of encouragement to come out of their shell a little, our musical theatre and drama classes in Longridge will help your child be the best that they can be.

Our fun, yet structured, lessons have lots of benefits. They will boost your child’s confidence & social skills, as well as their performing abilities.

Musical Theatre and Drama classes for age 3-6 years

During these lessons your child will be introduced to musical theatre and drama in a fun & friendly way.

Our teacher Emma will start to nurture their talents & focus on developing their emerging communication skills.

They will create different characters and sing different songs from their favourite musicals giving them the freedom to be whoever they want to be whilst having lots of fun!

Location: King’s Dance Academy in Longridge

Musical Theatre and Drama classes for age 7 years +

These children will improve their voice and control their body, learn how to read and analyse a play or script, learn and remember lines, explore different musicals, create characters, understand them and learn how to perform them realistically.

Whilst working on improvising, projecting their voices and character development, these lessons will stimulate your child’s creativity & imagination as well as giving them vital life skills such as building their confidence and helping them develop their emotional intelligence – the ability to pick-up on signals from other people, react in an appropriate way, and explore their own feelings & emotions.

We’ll introduce them to expression and how to perform through song.

They’ll experience a range of different theatre styles; and alongside teaching them fundamental acting techniques, we’ll prioritise their vocal health and nurture their young voices.

Location: King’s Dance Academy in Longridge


Drama and Musical Theatre classes with Emma Keightley will begin in Longridge in September 2021


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