Street Dance

pic street dance classes in longridge

Learn Street Dance in Longridge

You will have seen Street Dance, whether by seeing the backing dancers on pop videos or watching any of an endless stream of “Street Dance” movies. Street dance isn’t one specific form of dance but encompasses a whole load of different dance forms that are all famous or well-known in their own right.

So, Breakdance and Hip Hop are “street”, Locking and Popping are “street”, House is “street”. Commercial and Tutting are “street”! And what brings these ways of dancing together is that they all arose quite literally ‘on the streets’, danced by teenagers, children and people in their 20s, mostly in America, and in a very social environment.

Street Dance is bright, fun, funky, extrovert, it’s brash and expressive and informal and attracts a lot of children who might not be so enthusiastic about learning Ballet or Tap Dance (although there are many children who learn all three and more!)

Why Learn Street Dance in Longridge?

Learning Street Dance allows you to be creative, to really express yourself, to develop your own style of dance in a way that is not really possible with, for example, Ballet,where you follow very precise, standard movements.

Street isn’t a poor relation, though: it is technically very demanding, while also being fun, expressive and often breathtaking!

Street Dance classes in Longridge allow you to be yourself and complement other dance styles perfectly, helping to make you a more versatile dancer.

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